Easter Sunday 21

B Cycle – Easter Sunday 21

Jn. 20:1-9

The Easter greeting of the early church when they encountered another believer was “He is Risen!”  Those words were said with great joy and with the exuberance of a child at Christmas.  Those who were greeted responded with wonder and awe, “He is risen indeed!” 

This Easter we as a people who believe are still reeling from the impact of the pandemic.  Yet we must remind ourselves, Our God Reigns.  I do not wish to spend a lot of time this Easter for this day should be for all of us a day or remembering.  We are not in doubt as to why the tomb was empty, as was the women who went to the tomb or the disciples.  We know why and that should be utmost on our minds. 

The crucified body of Christ has achieved its task of redemption and has become the glorious, resurrected body of God’s own Son.  Before Jesus ascends to the Father he will be touched by Thomas, seen by the disciples on the road to Emmaus, and embraced by thousands who came to believe.

Today we will celebrate that victory over death but that hopefully for us is in the future.  Today we live in this broken, sinful world as redeemed believers and we have a task to tell the world how his death and resurrection impacts us daily.  Like Christ we are conquerors because we have a God who created us for intimacy with himself and now by the sacrifice of Christ removed the barrier of sin which separated us from feeling and responding to that love.

Today take the time not just to celebrate Easter but take the time to sit in silence and invite Jesus to reveal himself to you.  Ask the Holy Spirit, to change your heart and give you the boldness to shout to the world with exuberance He is Risen!

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